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25 June 2013

Government is NOT the answer!

Mark Henkel seeks a government-based solution to a problem caused by government. Whenever you bow at the alter of government to beg for any supposed "rights" you legitimize their authority over you. STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME!!!

Rights do not come from a sheet of paper! Rights do not come from government! Rights do not come from some group of perverts sitting in Washington, D.C. figuring out the next way to fleece you and your family. Rights come from the creator. He gives the same rights to EVERY human whether you are black or white, red or yellow, Christian or Muslim, Atheist or Jew, Democrat or Republican, Israeli or Pakistani, Sudanese or American. 

Only YHWH has legitimate authority to allow or forbid certain actions. 

Stop bowing to the idol of government. The only real answer is to get pissed off that a small group of madmen think that they can control us. Wake up and wake up others!

If tomorrow the government "decriminalized" bestiality; that wouldn't make it a marriage! 

Mark Henkel's movement is focused on bowing at the alter of government instead of subjecting themselves to the King of Kings! 

I don't need anyone's permission to obey my Father!

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